What is a VIN Check, Where Can I Get A Free VIN Check

What Is A VIN Check?

A VIN Check is where you input your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and are given information about the vehicle that the VIN belongs to.

Not to be confused with a Vehicle History Report, a VIN Check offers general information about the VIN such as make, model, etc.

Where Can I Get A Free VIN Check?

There are plenty of companies that offer variants of a “Free VIN Check”. Some companies offer more information freely, the others will tease you and offer less. Please Visit the current list of Free VIN Check Websites by clicking here.

Where Can I Get A Free Vehicle History Report?

Truth be told: You can’t. Companies like CarFax PAY for that information, and will not give it away for free. However. If you’d like to get a Vehicle History Report for cheap, you can try websites like VinCheckReport.com, as they have several different reports for $10 each.